About us

About G-Pay Instant solutions

GPAY is a technology company that develops effective payment and data management systems for public and private sector organisations.

Our core areas are revenue optimization, e-payment solutions and big data management for the electricity utility companies. In addition to our broad arsenal of payment applications and technologies we also operate over 250 payment points across 10 states of the federation on a billing aggregation platform that supports realtime transaction view, reconciliation and audit.


We are great at what we do

Our products undergo complex testing and trial phases including security tests before we deploy them. This is to ensure maximum safety and fail safe products for you our customer.
G-Pay is PCI compliant and ISO 270001 certified.

Core Values

Great concepts to transform your business
Our products are reliable at all times
Beautiful design is at the soul of all our product development
Robust and scalable products ensures that your business is up and running at all times

We are payment collections partners and super vendors for: